In the winters here in Colorado, daily activities such as showering, cooking and doing laundry don’t produce enough moisture to keep your home’s air from being too dry.

A power humidifier will quietly deliver optimum levels of humidity control. You and your family can get rid of the dry skin, static electricity, cracking floors, and higher energy costs that are all associated with low humidity during the heating season. If your home does not have a humidifier installed in your HVAC system, give us a call, you will find they are very affordable and will give you and your family comfort during our dry winters here in Denver.


If your humidifier is not working properly, Call Chipps Heating and Airconditioning for immediate service. Whether it needs repair or replacement, our technicians can get it back in service, usually the same day if you call us early enough.
Make sure you change the humidifier water at least one time per year to maintain adequate humidifier performance. We recommend changing it at the beginning of the heating season.

The image is of an Aprilaire® Bypass Humidifier. Bypass humidifiers are easy to install, take up very little space, and are an effective and economical way to provide humidity control for most homes. They provide effective humidification and are fully automatic.
Give us a call today so we can discuss which power humidifier will best fit your particular situation. Our indoor air quality experts can provide same day installation on all humidifiers, so you can start experiencing the comfort and benefits right away.


A whole-home humidifier can provide your family and home with many benefits including a comfortable and healthy indoor environment along with lower utility bills. For best indoor comfort and health, a relative humidity of 40-45 percent is ideal. In the winter, at temperatures typically found indoors, a higher humidity level makes the air feel like what the inside thermometer says, and your skin and lungs don’t dry out and become irritated.

• Humidifiers help to eliminate static electricity.
• Dry air is associated with nose bleeds, dry skin, and other medical conditions. Dry skin, bloody noses, itchy eyes are eliminated with a whole-home humidifier.
• Colds and other health conditions like flu may also heal faster with whole house humidification.
• Dry winter air can cause walls, woodwork and wood floors to crack. Dry air can also shrink wood paneling and furniture.
• You will feel colder when your interior humidity is low. This leads to raising the thermostat. Since humidifiers make you feel warmer, you can set your thermostat lower.
• Properly hydrated air tends to be warmer, therefore your thermostat can be at a lower setting while keeping your environment as warm as you prefer, but at a lower cost.
• You can humidify the air you breathe without altering its temperature. The humidification system is normally attached to your furnace. The power humidifier goes on when your furnace goes on if you have a low level of humidity in your home.
• People need a certain level of humidity to be comfortable. In the winter, indoor humidity can be extremely low and the lack of humidity can dry out your skin and mucous membranes.

Protect your family and your home from the unhealthy and damaging effects of dry air. Also, since it costs a lot less to humidify the air than to heat it, a humidifier can save you money! Contact us today to schedule a Free Estimate on a whole-home humidifier. 303-915-4173

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